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Everyone has a story to tell. But not all have voices. That's what drove me to write this book --- to serve as a small voice to a marginalized, discriminated against and oppressed tribe in the Philippines; the Badjao. My experiences take place on the island of Mindanao. Mindanao is the Southern most and second largest island in the entire Philippine archipelago. 


This book divided into two parts; the first part tells about the world I used to revolve in back in the First World and the second part the one I am now living with my new-found Badjao friends in the Third World. This is not a history book nor is it an ethnography book. This is a narrative of my actual experiences with my Badjao friends in the Philippines and how they changed my general viewpoints about life and strengthened my spiritual faith. 


This is a book about my journey towards understanding a widely misunderstood group of people in this part of the Philippines. I don't claim to know all about them, I simply love them. In the end, it was them who gave me more lessons in life than I thought I could teach them. I taught them ABCs and arithmetic. They taught me resilience, freedom, contentment and happiness. By purchasing this book you will help change the world. Well, maybe not the whole world, but certainly the world of the Badjao children who attend the Babina Monare Badjao Learning Center. Thank you for your purchase.

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